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Wellness Modules and Nourish Manual

The goal of MKS+ is for participants to develop a community of support and safely engage in physical activity and learning.

The goal of Makoyoh’sokoi is to support women to:

  • Learn and carry out holistic ways of health/wellness.
  • Reflect on health and well-being.
  • Become a part of a community in which trust, respect, family, and culture are valued.
  • Explore physical activities and increase their capabilities to enjoy movement at a capacity suitable to their individual needs and ability.
  • Develop a positive relationship with food.
  • Encourage eating habits to support well-being based on flexibility and their own unique needs, instead of a plan focused mainly on weight control (using the Health at Every Size® (HAES®) approach)

All participants will be given a manual containing the NOURISH HEALTH AND WELL-BEING MODULES© that have been developed for this program in consultation with physicians, dieticians, community members, and Elders. Below is an example of what to expect!

Nourish Health and Well-Being Modules

  • Week 1. Welcome and Elder Teachings
  • Week 2. Get Active! – keeping fun, variety and safety in mind
  • Week 3. Understanding Your Natural Healthy Self
  • Week 4. Holistic Approach to Health – Reflection
  • Week 5. Honouring Culture and Traditions
  • Week 6. Positive Eating Attitudes
  • Week 7. Take Time to Eat
  • Week 8. Putting Together A Meal
  • Week 9. Fibre and Grains
  • Week 10. Vegetables and Fruits
  • Week 11. Protein Foods
  • Week 12. Beverages and the 1⁄2 Way Celebration!
  • Week 14. Food Skills – Menu Planning
  • Week 16. Food Skills – Grocery Shopping and The Influence of Medications on Health
  • Week 18. Relationship with Our Body and Weight
  • Week 20. Self-Care for Our Body
  • Week 22. When Life Takes Us Away from Eating Well and Special Social, Cultural or Mental Health Guest
  • Week 24. Final Day Celebration!