Wolf Trail

Makoyoh’sokoi (MKS) is a free holistic physical activity-based wellness program for Indigenous women, guided by Indigenous practices and traditions, and facilitated by Indigenous women in your community. Variations of the program have been run for 5+ years in several communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Makoyoh’sokoi, the Blackfoot word for Wolf Trail, was given this name in the fall of 2019 in a ceremony in Calgary, Alberta and honoured with the name by Elders Ruth Scalp Lock and Eldon Weasel Child.

Our Mission

We support Indigenous women to celebrate health and make a difference in our world.


The creation of a culturally safe and collaborative environment that addresses physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being is central to the Wolf Trail (Makoyoh’sokoi).

"Make a Difference"

Means women who self‐activate and support their family, friends and community. It can come in many different forms, from the prevention of personal ill health, to personal growth into positions that may influence the health of others or to contributing to a supportive healthy community.

"In Our World"

In our world reflects our understanding of the interconnectedness of all living creatures and the planet we live on, reflecting Indigenous ways of knowing. We also recognize how rapidly the world is changing and how much more interconnected we have become and will continue to be. Recognizing that when one person’s health changes, this will cascade to impact many others both near and far, and in generations to come. By stating this we acknowledge how the negative impact of colonisation cascaded into intergenerational trauma and severe health inequities for Indigenous peoples.

Get Involved

Our mission is driven by our desire to give Indigenous women the opportunities they need to live healthier and happier lives in a culturally safe environment.

Join us on this journey to better health by getting more actively involved in our activities.

If you would like to sign up for a program near you (live, in-person) or our virtual program we are happy to provide more information. Programs begin the first week of September 2023 and first or second week of January 2024 and run for 15 weeks.

Program locations and nights of the week they are offered are listed below:


If you are interested in signing up for a program in your community, we are happy to provide more information.


We cannot do this alone. We welcome your generous support and offer volunteer opportunities.


If you are an organization willing to support our efforts to expand our program, please let us know.