Wolf Trail

Sharing Circles & Testimonials

Sharing Circles

Each session concludes with a sharing circle.

From Elder Ruth:
“In the sharing circle we are all calling to the creator to come and help us and we call the spirit Makoyoh’sokoi to come into our circle.”

Typically, the community elder will describe and facilitate the sharing circle on the first day of the program. Sharing circles also may follow certain protocols such as wearing a long skirt or blanket to cover up– Your facilitator will let you know anything you need to know ahead of time!

Participant Testimonials

“For (my grandson) to see us getting involved in a physical activity, it’s like a good healthy lifestyle and a good role model for others as well. And now my daughter is wanting to join…”
John Doe
“So I sort of shied away from my culture and my race because I didn’t want to be discriminated against. But, going into the program, and [facilitator] made that a strong part, you know so I thought ‘ok, she’s using our culture to educate not only native women but non-native women as well’……—it was a nice mix. Being able to share that culture with non-Native women was empowering. They embraced it, you know?
John Doe